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30 Days of Alignment

Release resistance, master your manifesting power, & align with everything you want in life.


What you'll get:

  • 30 Days of lessons and guidance to lead you on the path of total alignment with your Highest Self

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group (Stay on track with your peers!)

  • Exclusive Alignment Affirmations MP3 Download

What People Are Saying:

“Tomorrow will be day 11 of my 30 days of alignment challenge & I really really love it. If I can just be honest with you it has quite possibly saved me from myself, from my own mind. It has almost in 10 days completely squashed my limiting beliefs from years of being brainwashed by society, trauma & so much fucking self doubt. I'm in therapy because I used to suffer from depression & high anxiety & just a multitude of low vibrational shit & so many things have led me here, led me to this moment & to Roxy and this challenge. Something about Roxy's teachings, the way she thinks, the way she explains things & her overall energy in general resonates with me so so so so wonderfully it caused me to FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER believe in myself & my ability to create worlds, to take charge of the creating that I've been doing all along & make it what I really want. I am getting so inspired as time goes on & I feel like nothing but me can stop me. I'm very happy. ”

“I just finished your 30 days of alignment bootcamp and it has brought such a huge shift for me. It was to a point where I decided to change the way I saw myself as a powerless human to a powerful human. It lead to me ending an abusive cycle towards myself and filing for a protection order that was long needed. Because I now believe that I can have anything that I want, including a safe space and peace and everyone has to give it to me because I say so. Thank you thank you thank you for reminding me of the power I always had in me! 🤍”

“The 30 Days Of Alignment helped me fix my mindset when it came to my career and life as a whole. As a social media manager I felt quite disconnected with what I was doing, I thought I had no control over what was going on in my life and this program helped put things into perspective with my mindset. I couldn't be more grateful for it and I know with 100% certainty that the life that I want is already here! ”

“Loving It!!!!! The challenge has lifted my positive energy and vibrational level during during WEEK 1.😄 I am no longer depressed.....I am hopeful and encouraged. I am working out 4 mornings a week and I am eating healthier every day. I am making a Most Important Things to Do Today List and checking major tasks off Daily!!!!! Thank you Roxy....You are a great inspiration to a lot of people!!!🤗🤗🤗”